The Global Picture 09-30-14

Global events continue to influence stock trading. This week, unrest in Hong Kong has moved front and center in global headlines, given its implications for China, the world’s second largest economy, with its current signs of slowing. Read more about The Global Picture 09-30-14

Risk Off, But Not for Long 09-23-14

A modest global selloff has been underway for several days now. Today investors are focused on Europe where the latest readings on Purchasing Mangers Indices pointed to the continued loss of momentum for the EU economy. In France, both manufacturing and services came in under 50, the level below which traditionally is thought to signal that an economy has entered contraction. In practice, however, recessions typically occur only after the PMIs slip to the low to mid 40s. France’s second-quarter GDP, also out today, was flat with the prior quarter. Read more about Risk Off, But Not for Long 09-23-14

Several Catalysts on Deck, But Stock Trading Should Remain Quiet 09-16-14

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee is meeting today and tomorrow to weigh monetary policy. The Fed is expected to wrap up its quantitative easing program in the next several weeks and traders will watch for a change in the central bank’s policy language for signs that it may consider raising short-term interest rates sooner than the estimated mid-2015 time frame currently anticipated by conventional wisdom. Read more about Several Catalysts on Deck, But Stock Trading Should Remain Quiet 09-16-14

Stocks Heading Nowhere Fast 09-09-14

Stocks remain on a familiar treadmill these days. The S&P 500 continues to flirt with the 2000 level but hasn’t done since initially exceeding that mark. The blue chip average managed to close above that level for several consecutive sessions but has since given up some ground. Trading volume has picked up, as expected, now that the summer vacation season is over, but still remains relatively light. Read more about Stocks Heading Nowhere Fast 09-09-14

Behind the Records 09-02-14

As was widely anticipated, the main blue chip U.S. index, the S&P 500, climbed to a new high—and broke above the 2,000 level for the first time last week. The latest up-move hasn’t been very strong, but represents an advance nonetheless. Read more about Behind the Records 09-02-14

Investor Anxiety on the Rise with Stocks 08-26-14

Step by step, stocks continue their ascent with the help of an accommodative Federal Reserve. The blue chip S&P 500 carved out a new milestone this week, closing above the 2000 mark. Likewise, the Nasdaq 100 notched another post-tech bubble high. Other averages, however, while not acting poorly, have so far failed to set new records, but they’re not far off. Trading volume remains exceedingly light, which is to be expected at least through Labor Day. Read more about Investor Anxiety on the Rise with Stocks 08-26-14